The following is the original Preview of Lintex Products , for other model of Transmission Type, please contact us for further information.

Friction Overdrive AW70/71/72LE
Friction C2 A4LB1/U540E
Friction C3 A4LB1/U540E
Friction B2 A4LB1/U540E
Friction C1 A4LB1/U540E
Friction Forward RE4F04B
Friction High RE4F04B
Friction Reverse RE4F04B
Friction Low Reverse RE4F04B
Friction Overrun RE4F04B
Friction F/G Clutch ZF5HP19
Friction E Clutch ZF5HP19
Friction A/D Clutch ZF5HP19
Friction B Clutch ZF6HP19
Friction D Clutch ZF6HP19
Friction K1 Front Wave 722.3/5
Friction B3 Reverse 722.3/5
Friction K2 Rear Wave 722.3/5
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