• Stickers, Warning Strip/ Air Filter

Labels, located on Top of Air Filter Housiing.

Applicable to most Mercedes benz Cars



  • Stickers, Tire Pressure Warning W124/201/202

Labels, Tire Pressure Warning at Trunk Lid

Applicable to W124/201/202


  • Stickers, Tire Pressure W203




Applicable to W203 most Standard vehicle Specs






  • Stickers, AMG – Mobil 1


Special Labels from Mercedes Benz and AMG



  • Stickers, Engine Specs W201 2.5-16



Applicable only for W201 2.5-16 owner



  • Stcikers, Unleaded Fuel Only


Labels, Unleaded Fuel Only Sign

Located at the Fuel Tank Flap, Applicable to most Mercedes Benz Vehicle



  • Stickers, Trunk Lid Lock


Labes, Trunk Lid Lock sign, applicable to W124/201/202



  • Stickers, “Classic” Daimler Sign



MOST WANTED DECALS/LABELS. Perfect fit for Classic Car.

Located behind of Front Windscreen Glass.





  • Stickers, Airbag Warning


Labels, Located on The Door Window Glass.






  • Stickers, Coolent Reservoir



Labels, Coolent reservoir




  • Stickers, Wheel Mounting

Original Decals/Stickers

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